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Stories about how we get clean.

Japanese public bath, by Yoko Nakajima.
Used with permission. Check out her art!

Each episode,
we bring you the most obscure and opulent bathtime insights from across time and space.

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  • Another Green World: Forest Bathing 005

    This episode, we ditch the man-made world and run for the hills for a dose of nature’s own medicine: forest bathing. We learn about the mental and physical benefits of engaging with the outdoors through the Japanese practice of shinrin yoku. We get pointers on how to talk to trees... more
  • The Tidal Tub: Irish Seaweed Baths 004

    Image source: Seaweed collected near Jersey, England, during the 1850s. From Collectors Weekly. Imagine you’re a human tofu cube marinating in a giant bowl of miso soup. Well, that briny, umami broth is pretty close to what it’s like to take a seaweed bath. This episode, we explore seaweed bathing,... more
  • The Art of Bathing 003

    Walk through the galleries of any great art museum and you’ll likely happen upon paintings of people (usually women) bathing. This trope has been ingrained in our visual vocabulary that it hardly merits a second glance. But why have artists been drawn to this subject, and how has it become... more

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