Alana M. Miller is one half of the creative hivemind behind The Soak. She has a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute and has worked in libraries, museums and archives for over a decade, and even got to co-curate an archival exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art one time. Currently, Alana has gone digital and works with academic libraries as a user experience and content strategist, making information discovery and retrieval less of a chore (and possibly enjoyable!) for scholars and curious layfolks.

Alana is a extracurricular dilettante, occasionally writing, weaving, and generally making stuff with her hands. She is on her fourth round of sourdough starter. The Soak is her first foray into radio storytelling. She hopes that this whole podcasting thing sticks (unlike her macrame phase).

The only time Alana has regretted being tattooed was when she visited Japan and was not able to get into some of the mega-onsen in Osaka. She swears that she is not yakuza.