Amiee Flynn-Curran, The Soak’s other half, is working on her doctorate at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, where she received her MA in Anthropology in 2012. She can be found teaching classes on Material Culture when she’s not in the field, in the bath, or recording the podcast. Her work on religion, gender and materiality has allowed her to cover a broad range of topics; she has written academically about female soldiers in the Irish War of Independence, Reborn Doll collectors, and liberal Mormons.

In addition to her teaching work she has dabbled as a research assistant for Newstalk, recorded oral histories for the National Folklore Collection, co-created and co-hosted a Dublin-Based storytelling event, and once taught a class on ghost stories to high school students. The Soak is an opportunity to maintain her favorite methodological practice, participant-observation, in the most appealing locations.

She maintains a minimalist approach to hobbies: when she has access to art supplies she will make you a sweet birthday card or sketch another portrait of her favorite cat (the orange one). She thinks often about writing fiction.